Valentine’s Day Outfit


Leading up to Valentine’s Day, it is no secret that everyone is thinking about what they’re going to be wearing, right?  With a commercial holiday like this, everybody is bound to obsess over their outer appearance and ultimately end up feeling bad about themselves.  However, I am depressingly lucky, given the fact that no boy seems to like me, woohoo!  I’ll most likely end up watching Grace and Frankie while eating Halotop “ice cream”.  Wow, I’m only in seventh grade, but I’m already envious of the, “I’m happy, beautiful, and not single.” stereotype this holiday portrays.  I think we all should learn, though, that you don’t need a date for Valentine’s Day, because you’re special, regardless of what social media or other’s may say.  Instead, put on a cute outfit and take soulful pictures of yourself!  From the top picture, you can see that I’ve done this before, it really works, lol.


For my look, I decided to go a bit more feminine, with this dress from Zara.  However, the unique check print, almost mimicking one you would find on a suit, made it a bit more interesting than your classic Valentine’s Day dress.  Many people are predicting taupe as a huge trend in 2019, so I thought that I might try it out.  My overall verdict?  Amazing!  This is such a classic color that works with any skin tone!

To keep me warm, I decided to layer this stunning top from Gap underneath.  With its sand color, it paired well with the dress and I absolutely loved the sleeves.  Since the top part of the dress was tighter, the sleeves worked well to offset this.  When layering, you want certain layers to be less tight than others, so as to add more interest.

Finally, I once again reached for my white converse.  Honestly, I can’t make up up an excuse as to why I wear them so often beyond the fact that they are such a simple, elegant piece!  They worked particularly well with this outfit since they balanced the feminity of it all.


Well, that’s all I have to say.  By the way, I sincerely hope that all of you have a spectacular Valentine’s Day, whatever the circumstance.



New Year’s Staples

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I know it’s a little late, but now that 2018 has come to an end, I am trying to reflect upon my past year, accomplishments, and mistakes.  As a twelve-year-old, I struggle to find the confidence to be my true self.  There were times when my lack of confidence made dressing the way I want to a challenge.  There are far too many stereotypes of how girls my age should dress.  Unfortunately, this is a time where we all feel that we have to conform to these stereotypes.

Over the course of 2018, I switched schools, started a healthier lifestyle, which included exercising and eating better, and developed a skincare regimen.  Some events were more life-changing than others. Switching schools, for instance, was really difficult; while doing a face mask every week wasn’t that drastic of a change. Overall, though, 2018 caused me to have a revelation: That I had to change in order for my life to change.  However, I don’t want to get into my deep philosophical principles, so let’s just get to the clothes.  Sound good?

I’ve decided that I want to have a simple and minimalist style.  Moreover, one that is trendy, but not extravagant.  Heres a quick list on how I changed my style in consecutive order:

  1. Preliminary Research- I began by researching styles I wanted and brands that fit my fashion criteria.
  2. Buy Some Clothes- This one is pretty obvious.  It’s also the most fun step.
  3. Purge the Closet- I found that getting rid of clothes that I no longer had a use for really helped me have a clear plan for my style.  Not only did it make room for new clothes, but it also was a potential way to make money!  I am planning on selling my clothes at a teen consignment shop called Plato’s Closet.
  4. Wear Them- Haha.

Here is one of my new outfits…

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It’s classic, while still incorporating some of today’s trends.  I found it quite interesting to style these wide leg jeans, since they aren’t your typical skinny jean; however, the wide leg added a lot of interest to the outfit.  The striped button-up shirt paired really well with the jeans!  I was originally not sure if they would work together, since they were both looser items.  So, I tucked in the shirt and left the top button unbuttoned to make it more SCANDALOUS.  Just kidding, but I do think it made the outfit a bit more feminine.  Additionally, this pink sweater was a great “pop of color” and it kept me warm.  Finally, I wore some white Chuck Taylors.  They went well with the overall color scheme of the outfit and I mean c’mon, they’re Chucks.


Top: Nordstrom

Jeans: Nordstrom

Sweater: Zara

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Well, that’s it for now.



P.S.- Here’s a nice picture of me standing in front of a red Ford, lol.

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